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Craving Bubble Tea

Posted: 12/29/14

Craving Bubble Tea

Restaurant: Chatime Mississauga

dre @ChatimeCanada: I've been craving a good Bubble Tea for a long time. I once went to Oceans (the Chinese supermarket) and bought a $2 bubble tea, but it wasn't very satisfying. When Chatime opened up near Macey's, I told myself that the next time I go to Macey's, I will make a visit to Chatime.

Once I got there, I was overwhelmed with choice. I usually go for the Taro, but I wanted to try their signature milk tea flavour, which was #1 on their top ten list. The Chatime Pearl Milk Tea already comes with pearls as the name suggests so you don't have to add extra to the drink. I do like how you can ask for less sugar in the drink.

The taste? It was good. Was it the best bubble tea I've had? It wasn't a relaxing experience as Kristen kept wanting to have some (I gave her a tiny sip) and kept wanting to eat the pearls. The next time, I'll have to make sure Kristen is not with me! And then I will try the Taro!

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  • Gotta order roasted milk tea with grass jelly. That's the best drink there and so addictive
    Nelson @ 2014-12-29

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