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Taco Night

Posted: 12/15/14

Taco Night

Restaurant: none

dre: When you eat with vegetarians, there are certain meals that we often do. Most of the time it's pizza, but this time, we had tacos!

Tacos are easy to prep, though it takes some time to chop up the veggies and grate cheese and make guacamole. But once you are finished, each person can put their favourite toppings into the taco and omit the ones they don't like. For me, I enjoy my cheeseless taco. What is the secret of not having your taco spill everything over? First, don't stuff too much in! Second, the order does matter to have certain toppings "stick" to other ones.

We had beans and rice as the filler and I put a lot of guacamole as well. It's not as friendly for toddlers to eat, but they usually eat all the toppings and shell separately.


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