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I like it when I don't have to cook

Posted: 12/13/14

I like it when I don't have to cook

Restaurant: none

dre: I love going to Brian and Shirley's house for dinner. The reason is because Brian is a perfectionist when it comes to cooking. He's always making us steaks, ribs, lasagna... all my favourites!

On this visit, Brian made pasta with chicken in a creamy sauce. I make this all the time, but for whatever reason, his tastes better.

One of his specialities is butternut squash soup, which Kristen loved as well.

We brought over some cinnamon buns that we bought from Costco. These are delicious and we can only buy them when we know we are going to someone's house as 8 large cinnamon buns is way too many for us to eat before they expire. :)


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  • +1 for Brian's cooking & Cinnanomnomnom buns! :D
    Brian @ 2014-12-13

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