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Fallon & Byrne

Posted: 12/05/14

Fallon & Byrne

Restaurant: Dublin Ireland

Nelson @FallonandByrne: The last post of the vacation, this dinner is back in Dublin Ireland to catch our flight back to Canada. We opted to go a little bit of an upscale meal at Fallon & Bryne.

The meal starts with the bread service of tomato bread and sourdough. The tomato bread had a fennel taste to it more than tomato. The sourdough tasted as you would expect. We ordered from the pre-theatre menu which included 2 courses for 25.95€.

Being a total tourist, I wanted some Guinness on tap, but this place was too classy for that. Opting for the next best Irish drink, I tried the Bulmer's Irish cider (5.50€). I actually liked this one as it was a dry cider and not a sweet one. Kitty had a glass of white wine (7€). Coming from Portugal, these prices were a shock!
I had the confit of Irish pork belly terrine, crushed apple and radish salad. For some reason it had a bit of a duck taste to it, but perhaps that is because I usually eat terrine in duck form. It did have a pork taste to it as well, but I couldn't tell that it was specifically pork belly. The apple sauce on the bottom really stood out.
For the appetizers, Kitty had the tian of citrus-marinated salmon, lamb's leaf, leek and carrot salad. The salmon was fresh and lemony with a hint of dill. Hard to see in the picture, but there were strands of something on top of the salad which tasted good, but I have no idea what it was. Cooked leek perhaps? I didn't the orange puree went well with the salad or salmon, but at least it looked nice. The salmon salad tasted great though.
I'm at a classy restaurant, but for some reason I had a craving for a burger. The restaurant took a very long time before the food came out, but finally this aged Irish beef burger, mixed leaf salad and french fries really hit the spot for me. It was extremely thick and mostly cooked throughout but still nice and moist. There was a really strong beefy flavour, more than usual and it was almost steak-like. Maybe because I hadn't eaten beef in a while, but that taste was glorious. To me, I tasted in the beef Worcester sauce, onion, cumin and Tabasco and the waitress said there was also ketchup, mustard, pepper, mushroom and SALT mixed into the patty. Yum! The cheese is nice, but I really enjoyed how there was both back and streaky bacon included. They should start doing this Canada! The fries went well with the burger and surprisingly the ketchup in Ireland tastes different. There is less salt and more tartness.
Kitty's main was the pan-fried sea bream, dill crushed potato, red onion marmalade, sauteed spinach and lemon beurre blanc. I felt there was too much dill in the potato, but I'm not a big fan of dill. The spinach was fried well with a hint of smokiness to it that I really enjoyed. The marmalade was really sweet and had a bit of tanginess. The fish itself looked great and unlike anything we had in Portugal presentation-wise. It was nicely crisped on the outside and salted with hint of fishiness, but still tasted good overall.
Because we were both craving one last Guinness before leaving Ireland, we went to Temple Bar. The actual Temple Bar in the Temple bar district and enjoyed some awesome live music. No experience in an Irish bar is complete without a pint of Guinness. Great way to end the trip!


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  • Great pics! Glad you guys had a good time and tried a lot of different foods.. And tarts!!
    Dre @ 2014-12-09

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