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Posted: 12/04/14


Restaurant: Lisbon Portugal

Nelson: Kitty was craving some octopus, so she looked online and found that Restaurantes Leão D’ouro was the best choice. The Internet was right

We ordered the grilled octopus with garlic and olive oil (15€). They were nice enough to split this order into two portions as we were sharing. So what you see is just a half order, but it does seem like a complete portion. The octopus was fresh and soft throughout and not one bit was chewy or rubbery. I have no idea how they cooked it this well. It also had a nicely grilled flavour along with a strong olive oil flavour. After we finished eating there was a large pool of oil leftover, but I guess that's partly why it tasted so good. Like almost everything else in the country, the potatoes were salty, but unlike everywhere else some vegetables were included. The broccoli was certainly very welcome.

One of our last chances to have some Vinho Verde, we couldn't pass it up. They even had a half bottle option of this Quinta da Avelada (7.50€) which was just perfect for our lunch. It was absolutely delicious and went with seafood perfectly.
The restaurant had nice tiles (azulejos) and may have been a historical building. The display of seafood out front was impressive too. But glad we looked it up on the Internet, as the octopus was perfect here and I would highly recommend it.


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