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Piri Piri Chicken

Posted: 12/03/14

Piri Piri Chicken

Restaurant: Lisbon Portugal

Nelson: Famous #Portuguese Piri Piri chicken is best at Restaurante Bonjardim. For only 13.50€ you get a whole chicken (Frango assado simples), enough for two people! What value! I guess that's why the service is so brusk. You can see in the back their roasting pit full of charcoal and chicken on spits.
The couvert cheese was not goat and had quite a bit of taste for this type of usually plain cheese (3.50€).
This kinda looks like Canada's Swiss Chalet, right? They serve up the quarter leg too, haha. It tasted different though because the outside has a nice rub of salt that made the chicken skin extra delicious. The biggest difference was that it had a nice smoky charcoal flavour, but still was juicy on the inside. Hard to do, but when done right, it is so delicious.
We ordered french fries (2.90€) to go with the meal because it felt like the appropriate side. They were shoestring fries and they did go nicely with the chicken. You can see the whole chicken here, with the breast leftover, which was slightly not as juicy as the rest, but still tasty.
Lastly, the outside is slightly spicy, but you add your own piri piri sauce to make it as spicy as you want. It is an oil, but it tastes like a dry bitter chili oil when spread on the chicken. It can get quite spicy depending on how much you put on. Portugal had the good fortune of trading to obtain spice and incorporated it into their chicken recipes. As a result we get the famous piri piri chicken.


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