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La Pirrilla

Posted: 12/02/14

La Pirrilla

Restaurant: Lisbon Portugal

Nelson: This mall reminded me of Eaton center, this is more representative of modern Portugal. We ate a quick lunch at the food court at la parrilla, assador argentino (argentian grill). They had a coal grill in the back and it really looks attractive. We tried the Heart of Rump baby beef (7.60€ for 200 g) and it came with two sides. Just to be adventurous, we picked spinach cream because we weren't sure what it was. Turns out it is basically rich baby food. It was a mush and it didn't taste very good.

The steak was a tad chewy, but was still pretty good. It didn't really need the mushroom cream sauce we got with it, but maybe that's my personal preference.

The fries were thick, but I really felt like rice would have been the better choice in this case.

If I ever go to Argentina, I bet the grilled meat would taste better there.

This is just a snack at a local coffee/bakery in the mall that we had as well. I thought it looked interesting completely covered like that, but it was plain inside. It tasted 100% exactly like a Chinese bun I've had. I'm guessing the Chinese people copied the Portuguese.


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