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Supermarket Couvert

Posted: 12/01/14

Supermarket Couvert

Restaurant: Portugal

Nelson: After eating so many great tasting couvert (appetizer) items, we decided to buy our own meal of couvert at the supermarket. Well first we decided to get some port. Then we decided to get some cheese. You need crackers with cheese. Why not get some sardine pate to spread on the crackers. You know what else goes well with crackers? Iberian ham. Hey why don't we try these canned mussels? Cool, there are free samples of chocolate that would go perfectly with the port.

And that is how this happened.

These are the insides of the canned sardines (1.17€). They weren't fishy at all and were delicious. I guess the sardine pate (1.08€) in a can is a common item throughout Portugal and people must have their own favourite brands. The canned mussels (3€) had a bit of spice to them.
This is everything else on a plate back at the hostel. This is a quarter serving of the ham (7.69€), so it was very little and expensive, but it was absolutely delicious. It was extremely salty and oily, but was packed with so much flavour in such a small quantity. We had two types of cheese, the one of the right being very very plain and almost tasteless and felt like it was eating air (Queso Blanco 1.49€), while the one on the left is harder and had more flavour (Quinta da Lapa 1.25€). It was such simple ingredients yet it was so good.

Of course finishing the meal with the Vintage port wine (must be finished upon opening) while tasting the chocolates was a perfect way to the end meal. The port had a sweet taste upfront and was very smooth, but had no finish. Since it was a vintage, it was unfiltered and we saw clear evidence it in the bottom of our cups (no wine glasses at the hostel).

I felt this was representative of the best of a Portuguese meal of couvert and it was a splendid way to end our trip with friends.

Only one more day's worth of food left of Portugal posts so stay with me!


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