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Cafe Gelo

Posted: 11/29/14

Cafe Gelo

Restaurant: Lisbon Portugal

Nelson: This cafe opened in 1890, so it has to be doing something right. Located right in a large square the location is prime. The windowed display of pastries is impressive because of the sheer variety that seemingly includes specialty pastries from all over Portugal. Like these anthropomorphic pastries. I unfortunately didn't get a chance to try them.
Although I couldn't really read the names, to me it seemed like these pastries came from all over Portugal.
The most interesting pastry that we hadn't tried yet was this roll called torta queimada (1.50€). Once again perhaps Chinese bakeries were inspired by this pastry as it is a roll with a filling on the inside surface. The filling was egg based cream with a bit of nut and cinnamon that I really liked. The solid part is cake and overall it tasted a little like a creme brule. Quite good and large too!
This is a panado (bread crumbed with bread 3.60€). The pork is battered and fried and as is customary in Portugal, it was very salty as well.
Everywhere you go there are advertisements for bifana (3.60€). It is a basic pork sandwich with a huge chunk of meat served on bread with mustard. Very simple, but the meat is juicy and it is easy to chew. It was cheap and filling, so I can see why it is so popular.
It started to downpour and we just waited underneath the table umbrella for the rain to subside. It came down really hard and lasted longer than we were expected. So what to do when waiting around? Eat some Nata! We bought a six pack to go and it was great.


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