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Italian in Lisbon

Posted: 11/27/14

Italian in Lisbon

Restaurant: Lisbon Portugal

Nelson: My travel companions were getting tired of Portuguese food so we decided to go for some to an Italian restaurant, which is actually quite common throughout Lisbon. Esperanca happened to be in Bairro Alto which has a lot of restaurants in addition to bars.

Instead of the normal couvert (Portuguese starters) this crispy oiled bread and cubes of cheese were served. I can see how this would be progressive to Portuguese diners, but just like other Portuguese restaurants were charged for this (1.75€ per person). It was really good though with the crisp bread having a nice spread with some delcious large chunks of cheese.

The olives were also part of the couvert included in the 1.75€ cost.
Leo and Adrienne had this burrata (6.50€) as a starter and it looked so visually interesting that I took a picture.
This wine from the Douro region was one of the best dinner wines we had on the trip (13€). Perhaps that's not saying much about the other wines we had. The only downside is that it felt like there was not enough split among the four of us. We also ordered the largest water size available (2.20€) to share and it ended up being a sip for us each.
Kitty had the Risotto Lima e Gamberi or lime and prawn risotto in english (13.25€). The risotto was cheesy which was nice, but it was also too soft for my liking. That red sauce had an intense shrimp flavour. I have no idea how they made it that intense, but if you like shrimp this sauce was basically the essence of shrimp.
I had the Esperanca pizza (13.80€) with mozzarella, tomato, bresaola carpaccio and basil. Bresaola is an Italian style air dried beef that has an unique colour and look to it. I didn't taste that unique, or at least I couldn't tell while it was on the pizza. The pizza had a nice thin crust and the basil leaves really popped in taste. Weirdly my complaint is that there was too much meat and not enough cheese.

Looks like Italian food is popular everywhere in the world.


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