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Sintra Treats

Posted: 11/26/14

Sintra Treats

Restaurant: Portugal Sintra

Nelson: Sintra has two local specialty desserts. The first is this queijadas, a cheese tart. It has this very hard outer shell that is a bit unpleasant to eat.
The one we had at the most famous shop was more sweet cinnamon filling with coconut. It was a bit sweet. I'm not sure we ordered the right one because I hardly tasted any cheese. Upon further research on the Internet, we had a slightly different one than the regular so we missed out on the plain cheese tart.
Our daily Pastel de Nata. The twist with this one was it had a bit of lemon flavour in the filling. The pastry part was a bit lacking though.
Travesseiro is pillow in Portuguese. These are light and airy with a filling at the bottom that is sweet and delicious. Not sure exactly what it is because it is a secret recipe, but i tasted egg, sugar and cream with a bit of nuttiness. Much better than the tart. I really liked this dessert and Kitty and Leo liked it so much they got another one on the way back!


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