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Best Pastel de Nata in the World

Posted: 11/25/14

Best Pastel de Nata in the World

Restaurant: Lisbon Portugal

Nelson: The best Pastel de Nata in the world are unequivocally from Pastéis de Belém. All the way in the west side of the city founded next to the Heironymite Monastery in 1837 by expelled monks it is the worth the trip for just these alone.

What makes them so good? The recipe is unchanged and secret from the founding so no one will ever know, but I can at least describe how they taste. First the pastry portion is perfectly crispy, flaky and buttery. The inside filling has a strong egg and butter taste with a perfect consistency that isn't too runny or too hard. The filling doesn't have too much sugar to make it cloyingly sweet, just the perfect amount to make this balanced and absolutely delicious. The best IN THE WORLD.

It is so popular that there is a constant lineup. Pro tip: this lineup is only for takeout - to get faster service just walk in and get seated for table service and you'll get your Nata so much faster (Thank you walking tour guide). This tip saved us so much time as there were seats readily available in the large interior.
We were also having lunch which included this quiche. Not a big fan of quiche in general, this one didn't change that fact.
The one on the right is chicken meat pie that was stuffed full of chicken. The pie portion was crunchy on the outside making this a pretty good one. One the left is another stuffed meat bun that was ok.
These Paseis de Belem were so good that on our way back to the city we stopped by to have some more. Yes, they were that good. Even at the end of the day they were still served fresh and hot.
They have powdered sugar and cinnamon to dust to your liking. In my opinion, this isn't even necessary, but is available if you happen to like that sort of thing.

I can confidently say that these are the best Pasteis de Nata in the world. A cut above anything we had on the entire trip, these tarts were sensational.


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