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Bairro Alto

Posted: 11/24/14

Bairro Alto

Restaurant: Lisbon Portugal

Nelson: Imagine an area with over 200 bars all tightly packed together and drinking on the streets is legal. Welcome to Bairro Alto of Lisbon, where a few blocks of the city is basically one big party area. The plethora of bars makes it seem like you are at one massive bar/club with many many bars and rooms of different music. Naturally we ended up here almost every night we were in Lisbon. Only on the last two nights did we learn there is an escalator to take you up to that area as it is situated on a hill.
Of course we had to have Ginja in chocolate cups. These even have mini handles!
This place had just a booth that was selling beers. That's right, 1€ for a small beer! Only 2€ for a pint! We ordered from here just for the novelty of ordering beer from the street.

A slightly annoying part of the area is that there is still car traffic through the area. I wonder how much trouble that has caused with the drunken crowds in tight spaces.

We searched high and low for the cheapest beer and found 1.25€ pints! Wow, cheaper than water. Amazing. Later on we found a place that had 1€ pints, but we had already drunk too much at that point.
On our last night, our last drink of the trip all together was of course Ginja in a chocolate cup.


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