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Pleasures of the Sea

Posted: 11/23/14

Pleasures of the Sea

Restaurant: Lisbon Portugal

Nelson: There are some really aggressive restaurant vendors on the street trying to attract business in some of the more touristy areas of town. We skipped all them to go somewhere more low key and less touristy and ended up at Restaurant Mariqueira, Prazeres do Mar (pleasures of the sea). I didn't' realize it at the time, but we got this starting cheese for free! Once again another goat cheese and this time had a stronger goat taste with a thick and hard crust. Even though I don't like goat that much, I enjoyed this cheese.
Since we enjoyed it so much before we ordered another Vinho Verde (green wine, 12€). This one was a bit harsher than the ones we had previously tried, but still enjoyable.
Leo enjoys soups and infected us so we ordered this creme de marisco (cream of seafood soup 2.90€) as well. It wasn't too creamy and had more tomato than I expected, but it was extremely salty. It had a total of three small shrimps in it to make it seafood.
I wanted some Portuguese grilled chicken (8.70€) this whole trip and we finally ordered some here. The piri piri sauce was hot when tasted alone on the side, but not so much when eaten with the chicken. It was a decent chicken, but not amazing.
These are clams on garlic sauce (11.50€). They were fresh, garlicky and oily. Those three combined mean it was good. My only slight complaint would be that they were a little small in size. Otherwise quite tasty.
To get our dose of seafood from this restaurant we ordered a mixed fish grill (13.80€). At this point we had finally figured out why the portion size in Portugal is so big - everything is supposed to be eaten family style. I like the way they think.

Included on the plate is sardine (bottom), sea breem, salmon, garoupa (top right), sole and shrimp. The sole was plain seasoned with salt, garoupa was better than the previous day because it wasn't as fishy. Salmon tasted like what we have here and I thought the sea breem was indistinguishable from the sole. Overall a great variety for a low cost and tasted good too.

Overall one of our most enjoyable casual dining experiences.


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