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Beer Museum

Posted: 11/22/14

Beer Museum

Restaurant: Lisbon Portugal

Nelson @MuseudaCerveja: Right in the main city square is the Museu da Cerveja, or Beer Museum. We actually came back twice because it was the closed the first time, but it didn't turn out to be that impressive. In front they have this big display showing how Pastel de Bacalhau (cod croquettes) are made with traditional tools since 1904. Here they combine the cod and Estrela cheese (from Serra a demarcated and protected cheese) together into one for a super combination.
They make such a big deal out of it that we all tried one. They are quite large, larger than any previous ones we had tried. Where is the cheese?
In the middle, but in my case, they either forgot to put cheese in mine or there was very little. Everyone else got cheese except for me. They tasted much like the previous ones we had with a bread and fish taste on the outside and gooey cheese on the inside (once I tasted one that was not mine). Overall these are ok, not my favourite, but Portugal seems to be very proud of them.
Portugal doesn't have a strong brewing history, and beer was actually banned for a century. Nowadays there are two major brands, Sagres and Super Bock. Both sell popular domestic lagers, but not much else. Actually it was only here that we discovered that they serve much more than just the lager. We tried the stout instead and it was decent. The glasses they were served in were pretty neat too.
The tour's neatest bit was showing beers from Portuguese countries from around the world. So many different brands from so many countries. Now if only we could taste all of these instead of just looking at the bottles...


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