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Hostels with Included Breakfast

Posted: 11/19/14

Hostels with Included Breakfast

Restaurant: Lisbon Portugal

Nelson @GmorningHostel & @YesHostels: Apparently Hostel serve breakfast now. Well at least at the two we stayed with in Lisbon did. The first is Good Morning Lisbon which has an entrance inside of a souvenir store, but served a really unexpectedly delicious breakfast, although it's hard to tell from this simple picture. The best were the flavoured waffles. I think there was some apple and cinnamon to these delicious waffles, but whatever recipe they used, it was delicious. Kitty really enjoyed the grilled cheese (not pictured) because it had sliced tomatoes in them. Otherwise, fruit, vegetables, bread and cheese make for a pretty standard breakfast. Gotta wash your own dishes though, but that's a small price to pay for the sustenance.
Our next hostel is Yes Hostels which had a really chill party vibe and cool staff. Also, the private washrooms were awesome and felt like we were staying in a place with all the benefits of a hotel, but also the benefits of a hostel. Upon checking in, the host served us some Ginja to introduce us to a little bit of Lisbon culture. See what I mean?

For breakfast, we always woke up late and missed out on the eggs. Instead here is the meat, cheese, bread and a bit of the scrambled eggs. I think there are sausages or hot dogs mixed into the egg as well, but I can't be sure.

But my favourite part about this breakfast was the jar of Nutella. I slathered it on my bread as you can tell. They also had a variety of jams and honey which also went perfectly with the bread. At night, ie 11:30PM, there is also a free shot (not pictured) to start off the pub crawl. We were able to make it once, but otherwise we are too old for that :(

Breakfasts at Hostels is a good development.


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