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Canned Fish for Hipsters

Posted: 11/17/14

Canned Fish for Hipsters

Restaurant: Portugal

Nelson: This post doesn't feature food that I ate, but I thought I would include anyway because the store was so attractive. Plus it is a very traditional part of Portuguese culture. Loja das Conservas roughly translates to Canned Food Shop and for Portugal that means canned seafood. Not surprising as Portugal is one of the highest per capita consumers of fish in the world.
Even in Roman times, Portugal was famous for an export of a fish paste that was highly valued by the Roman citizens. In more modern times (last 100 years), smaller oily fish have been canned and exported and has been a huge industry in Portugal. Although it became less popular after the invention of frozen fish processing, there are still some remaining companies selling canned fish. This store specializes in selling canned fish from a variety of companies that are featured along the walls. Each company gets a short blurb about their history and fishing practices and then their product is on the shelf ready to be bought.
What makes it so attractive is definitely the packaging that is unique and colourful. Even if you don't like canned fish to eat, you can appreciate the artwork and designs that catch your eye and create a visual feast. We ended up buying these as gifts to bring home and it was great fun picking our favourites!


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