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Portugal Wine Tasting

Posted: 11/16/14

Portugal Wine Tasting

Restaurant: Portugal

Nelson: After our walking tour we ended up right at a Portuguese wine tasting pavilion. They had an interesting way of dispensing the wine. First you put money on a card at the cashier. Next you put your card in the slot so that it is ready to deduct money.
Then you select the wine you want to taste. They vary in price, which you can see before selecting. The slow and awkward part was replacing a finished bottle as a person had to stop the machine, open it from the front and replace the bottle while trying to stuff a suction straw in the bottle. It was slow. If it was designed so that it could be accessed from behind, it would work much more smoothly. Also if there were a lot of people, the space would quickly become cramped as there were only two banks setup. Luckily in the middle of the afternoon there weren't too many many tourists around.
Once the selection is made, the wine automatically pours. Saúde!

Portugal is a wine producing region since antiquity perhaps because the climate of the whole country is suitable for wine production from top to bottom. So there are a lot of variety of wines since there are so many regions that can produce wine. The most famous is the Douro region which produces port. Otherwise, we learned from several restaurants that the Alentejo region is also famous for producing wine, but having read Wikipedia, they don't seem to emphasize wines from that region despite all the advice from the locals.

We tried Vinha Da Urze a white from the Douro region, Quinta Nova an unoaked red from the Douro region, Flor do Tua a red from the Trás-os-Montes region, Cortes de Cima a red from the Alentejano region and finally a Presidential vintage port 2011. Unfortunately I didn't write any tasting notes and I can't remember. I do remember having a good time though!


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