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Evora - Where Wine Breathes

Posted: 11/14/14

Evora - Where Wine Breathes

Restaurant: Evora Portugal

Nelson: Dinner in Evora at Restaurante Os Manueis was decided upon after a lot of indecision. The restaurant was really busy as the one waiter couldn't handle all the clients. People walked in, sat down, waited and left because the service was so slow.

As always the pao (bread 1.50€) comes out and is optional.

This place served sausage as well. It was ok as the sausage was pepperoni-like and salty. The sausage from lunch was way better. Plus this one was a little too burnt.
We ate the bread with Sardine Pate. Different brands and packs of sardine pate exist!
Kitty and I aren't big fans of lamb, but Leo and Adrienne like it. This is the Traditional Lamb Stew (8.50€). The lamb meat is very tender and it wasn't that gamey. Kitty didn't like it, but I could eat it. So strangely the meat wasn't gamey, but...
....the stew's soup portion was really gamey. If you like the taste of lamb, you'll love this stew filled with bread. If you don't like lamb, you'll hate this stew.
This is the grilled squid with potatoes and salad (8.50€). The squid was salty and kinda fishy as well. A bit disappointing.
A dish of tomatoes and onions came to table as well and I wasn't sure which dish it goes with. The restaurant sprinkled large chunky salt crystals on top of the tomatoes. The raw onions were very strong and I'm not sure why it is served raw.
This fried pork meat with clams (8.50€) is a local specialty and many restaurants serve this dish. A bit of a strange combination and personally I didn't find anything special about combining these two foods. The sum didn't exceed the individual parts, but at least the pork and clam were good by themselves.

I get the feeling that maybe a better restaurant would have a better version of this dish.

Not pictured is an experience with wine that I won't forget.We ordered the house wine (5.50€) and when it came it was utterly undrinkable. I honestly thought that the wine had gone bad. After only taking one sip I decided not to drink anymore because it tasted rotten. The rest of my dining companions agreed as well, but they kept aerating the wine. Only towards the end of the meal after much swirling, did my dining companions discover that the wine had become drinkable. I tasted it for myself and was astounded how much the wine had changed. Now, it wasn't a good wine, but it went from completely undrinkable to passable. I've never experienced a wine open up so much after "breathing" as the taste transformed completely. Wow.


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