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Lunch Time in Evora

Posted: 11/12/14

Lunch Time in Evora

Restaurant: Evora Portugal

Nelson: Have nata and a meal too? Well this restaurant has pastries in the front and proper meals in the back. So we enjoyed our Nata, waited 20 minutes for lunch time to begin and sat down for lunch. By the way, the Nata, was the second best one I've had so far. Sweet and delicious filling with a decently flaky crust. It really hit the spot on this overcast day
The couvert here is bread (0.50€), cheese (2.60€) and Alentejo pork sausage (0.90€) The sausage was amazingly delicious with a nice spiciness to it without being overpowering. The best part was how smokey it tasted. I wish I had more than this one slice.
We also had olives (2.90€). The sticker is from the cheese and once again it is from the Alentejo region. Even though it was noon we ordered a bottle of wine, also from the Alentejano region, mostly because it was only 7.90€. Almost cheaper than water.
This restaurant specializes in regional dishes so that's all we ordered. This is the Sopa de Cacao Alentejana or Dogfish soup (13.00€). But what you are seeing is just the fish soup with bread. The soup was also really buttery, salty and fishy. Very strong flavours that soaked into the neutral bread.
Surprisingly the fish comes separately. Once again the fish is really really salty and also very fishy. It was ok.
Another regional specialty, this is the Migas a Alentejana (fried pork with bread budding (12.90€). It is shaped to look like a little pig! The bits around the plate are the pork chunks which were a tad dry but had good flavour. In the middle is the bread pudding which I didn't like very much because of the soft consistent texture reminded me of baby food and it was also bland compared to everything else. Nice presentation though!


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