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Taylor's 10 Year Old Tawny Port

Posted: 11/11/14

Taylor's 10 Year Old Tawny Port

Restaurant: Portugal

Nelson @TaylorsPortWine: Since we were in #Portugal and enjoyed #Port #wine so much we decided to buy some to enjoy at night. As we were leaving Taylor Fladgate's, we bought this bottle for 19.70€, which is only about $7 cheaper than LCBO. We determined that prices weren't that much cheaper at the producer's to make it worthwhile lugging it around on our trip. LCBO has a pretty decent selection too, but only after arriving back in Toronto did I learn they don't carry any Lagrima. :( Maybe it is overlaps too much with ice wine and is too similar for a much lower price?

This port has a strong alcoholic taste to it, but is overall very pleasant with a complex deep taste and hints of caramel. Leo would say it is very "porty". Delicious.

I ended up carrying it the whole day in my backpack and if you've ever been to Porto you would know that it is extremely hilly. We didn't even take the funicular up the hill! I got to keep the bottle case, and I feel I really earned it.


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