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Green Wine and Pig(let)

Posted: 11/10/14

Green Wine and Pig(let)

Restaurant: Coimbra Portugal

Nelson: This night we stopped for a real dinner in Coimbra at Praca Velha. The couvert (starter) here includes goat cheese (1.55€). It was surprisingly firm and didn't have the typical strong taste that goat cheese usually has.
Earlier at lunch we discovered something called Vinho Verde and we decided to try it again. Vinho Verde is a designated young "green" wine from a specific region in Portugal. Just like Champagne and Port, only wine from the region can be called this. The wine is so young that it still has some bubbles from the fermentation process. You may think that's is similar to champagne, but champagne's bubbles are from the second fermentation process that occurs in the bottle. So yeah, that is a really young wine as the "green" in the name refers to. How does it taste? Light, clean, airy, fruity and refreshing. So light (9%) that it doesn't taste like an alcoholic drink at all!
Because our lunch was so good, I just had to order the pork yet again. This Leitão a Bairrada is piglet once again (9.50€) but served on a platter instead of in a sandwich. Once again the pork was delicious because it was moist and flavourful. I thought this particular one was too salty because the salty sauce that we spooned on from lunch was already added to the meat. As a result the skin was extra salty. The chips that came with it were great and went perfectly with the pork. Lot's of strong raw onions in the salad which I'm not used to eating.
Even though we were inland, Kitty decided to order some seafood, the grilled swordfish (8.80€). The fish meat was soft and tender and not as firm as I was expecting. It had a great grilled charcoal taste that made it very flavourful. The potatoes were tasty too, but unfortunately the green beans were way overcooked. They don't really eat any vegetables in Portugal it seems.

Discovering Vinho Verde was excellent and something I'll look out for to buy as an easy drinking summer wine. And the pork was so good, maybe I can find something in Toronto that can come close...but more likely it will be impossible.



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