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Coimbra Regional Specialties

Posted: 11/09/14

Coimbra Regional Specialties

Restaurant: Coimbra Portugal

Nelson @Licor_Beirao: Regional specialties of Coimbra include Licor Beirao and Pastel Tentúgal. First, the drink has a strong licorice taste to it, but at the same time it is very sweet. Normally I don't like licorice, but it was so sweet that I was able to enjoy it.
Originally a medicinal product this eventually became a drink popularized by advertising. Their most famous is a picture of a billboard that apparently became iconic in Portugal. Simple but effective I guess? To make it, a secret recipe is used with ingredients not only from Coimbra, but all over world.
Pastel Tentúgal is another pastry invented by nuns. The pastry part is thin a crispy and stuffed with sweet egg and nut (almond?). The ingredients are simply wheat flour, sugar, egg yolks and vegetable fats.
According to research papers it is difficult to make since the pastry is so thin yet it is stuffed with filling. It's pretty amazing such a long research paper was made just on these pastries. I learned that there were two shapes made, a cigar-like one (palito) as pictured here and...
...a half-moon shaped one called Meia-Lua. It had a lot of filling, which I really liked. It wasn't too sweet and the natural flavours really came through here.


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