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Absolute Favourite from Portugal - Coimbra Pork Sandwich

Posted: 11/08/14

Absolute Favourite from Portugal - Coimbra Pork Sandwich

Restaurant: Coimbra João_dos_Leitões Portugal

Nelson: We saw a sign with a pig on a stick and knew we had to come here to João dos Leitões. We made an extra effort to eat lunch and walked all the way down the hill that Coimbra's University sits on. It was well worth it. In this picture it looks innocuous. Wait until you see what's inside.
Sweet, moist suckling pork meat in a bun. It is called Sandes Grande (Pao Mealhada) and costs 3.70€, but it may as well been called pork heaven on earth. It was the perfect combination of fat, salt and moistness, Pork doesn't get any better than this. The crisp pork skin was underneath and covered the entire bun area so every bite had crispness as well as the softness of the succulent meat. To top it off, the bun called pao mealhada was incredibly soft and fresh that went perfectly with the meat.
There was even a sauce that went with the sandwich consisting of salt and pepper in some oil. The sandwich was alreayd salty, but this made it even more salty, but I didn't mind. Usually I'm sensitive to salt, but this made it even more delicious.
This was my favourite food from Portugal on the entire trip. It was so good that after splitting one sandwich with Kitty, we decided to order another. No regrets.
In Coimbra, when you see a suckling pig on a spit, do yourself a favour and just walk in.


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