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Portuguese Snacks

Posted: 11/07/14

Portuguese Snacks

Restaurant: Portugal

Nelson: Pastries and snack food is sold everywhere in Portugal. We often skipped lunch so instead we bought a lot of snacks. Many of them turned out to be Pastel de Nata, because when in Portugal, that's what you have to eat.

This one was not. We found this on the south bank of the Douro river in Porto and thought it looked interesting. It was just custard in the middle with a sugary doughnut like bun. It wasn't that unique, but it was still good.

Another Pastel de Nata, this one we found wandering the streets of the old city of Coimbra at a place called Cafe Se Velha. Inside they had some nice azulejos (blue tiles) that made it seem like it had been here for a long time.
We decided to try something different and decided on this passion fruit Pastel de Nata. Bad choice. It was no where near as good. We never deviated from the classic again. This one we bought just outside Igreja Monumento de Sao Francisco/Palacio da Bolsa on the south side of the square with the Jardim do Infante Dom Henrique statue in Porto.
This was our breakfast the first night in Coimbra. It was at a place just outside our hotel and just had a stand up area for patrons to eat. I think this style of shop is common throughout Portugal where patrons would order their caffeine and pastry and eat it standing up for breakfast. This was one our favourites and I think it was because it was served warm.

The bun on the right had no filling, but the topping was pretty good. Reminded me of a Chinese bun actually, but probably originated here and Chinese copied it. Really, I'm thining that Chinese pastries were directly inspired by Portuguese pastries. Someone needs to confirm this to me!

Lastly this was a bun in Coimbra, also from Cafe Se Velha. It had ham and cheese inside. The cheese is very light and I think goat cheese with a bit of meat. The pastry part of it was the best part of this one.


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