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Portuguese Desserts for dinner

Posted: 11/06/14

Portuguese Desserts for dinner

Restaurant: Portugal

Nelson: Dessert for dinner? Why not? Kitty and Leo seem to have no problems with this idea. We stopped by this modern looking place call a Brasileira which translates to Brazilian. Maybe these pastries are Brazilian then? I don't know for sure.

Let's start with this cheesecake (1.50€) that looks like lemon but turns out to be more like key lime instead. By far the sweetest. Yum.

This pocket-like pastry is a traditional POrtuguese pastry (0.90€)that I don't know the name of unfortunately. It is filled with an almond filling and reminded me of the Chinese "wife cake" in texture but a slightly different tasting filling. Wish I knew what this was called in Portuguese.
I saw these spongcake like pastries (1.10€) everywhere and wanted to try one. Turns out it's not that special as the yellow stuff on top just covers the outside and on the inside is more regular pastry. The stripe of filling was something as well, but I couldn't identify it.
I like this cake the best (1.50€) as it is a condense milk-like custard on top of a sponge cake and topped with coconut. The custard on top was great and tasted a bit like an egg tart but thicker. This was my favourite.

Having eaten many pastries, I get the feeling that a lot of Chinese pastries get their inspiration from Portuguese pastries. In general both are not too sweet, use a lot of egg and are generally lighter than say French desserts. Am I right???


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  • Everything looks amazing!
    dre @ 2014-11-06

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