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Posted: 11/05/14


Restaurant: Porto Portugal

Nelson: #Porto's specialty food is #Francesinha so on our last night here we had to have it again. We stopped at Beira Rio restaurant and as described on the menu "it is a sandwich with sausage, fresh sausage, ham, steak...covered in cheese and garnished with a rich tomato-based sauce, beer and chilli." All four of us ordered the Francesinha Beira Rio style (10.90€).
For variety some even got an egg on top!
Look at all that meat on the inside! Might be hard to tell, but there was a chorizo like sausage, regular sausage, thick ham, mortadella-like cold cut and steak. Wow. Then the tomato sauce over the cheese covered sandwich reminded me of grilled cheese sandwich with a tomato soup. This one was less like a poutine than the other night because the gravy was more tomato-based. What I couldn't figure out was how they made the toast so crispy. However they managed that, I really enjoyed that aspect because it gave some variety in textures. Kitty enjoyed how there was so much sauce to dip the sandwich in. Tasty and filling meal, yum!


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