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Last day of Port Wine Sampling - Offley/Calem/Quinta Do Noval/Quevedo

Posted: 11/04/14

Last day of Port Wine Sampling - Offley/Calem/Quinta Do Noval/Quevedo

Restaurant: Porto Portugal

Nelson: Continuing #Port #Wine tasting, Offley was just down the road from Taylor's and although we weren't planning to make a stop, it was right there. So of course we stopped.

We picked three to try here, a Lacrima (1.50€), Late Bottle Vintage 2008 (3.00€) and a 20 year Old Tawny (3.50€). We really wanted to try a Lacrima because it is the sweetest white port wine that is made. Look at that deep rich colour for the glass on the right. As expected it was very very sweet and tasted as if you were drinking honey. It was thick and very pleasant to drink. Maybe because we have ice wine here, but it is impossible to buy Lacrima at LCBO. I regret not buying a bottle and bringing it back with me.

The LBV was surprisingly dry and smelled of wood. Maybe I just smell weird things in my wine. Despite this, I liked this dry wine that was also sweet. It was the least fruity of all the ports here.

When I first smelled the 20 Year Old Tawny, all I could smell was alcohol. Incredibly it didn't taste of alcohol at all and was very smooth except a bit of alcoholic taste at the very end. Instead it tasted strongly of caramel and it had an incredibly long finish. Excellent.

Our next stop was for some port from Quevedo Port Wine that was included in the price of our boat tour. They are fun because they have traditional Portuguese Fado music performances. We enjoyed our port while listening to the music. We tried four different ones from left to right, a Tawny, Ruby, Rosé and a White. I found the white a bit plain, but not bad and definitely had a nice sweetness to it. The rosé didn't smell very nice and the taste was acidic and not that pleasant. We haven't had any good rosé ports on the trip at all. The Ruby didn't have much flavour and was kinda flat. It was ok. Lastly the Tawny was very fragrant and quite good, but had an alcoholic finish. But it had the most flavour of any of the wines we sampled here.
Once again, part of our boat cruise ticket included a tasting at Porto Cruz. They occupy a neat building along the short of the Douro river and the rooftop patio is a cool place to hang out. Their sample was only of a rosé port. Great our least favourite. Turns out this is the best one we had on the whole trip, but it was still not that great.

Next up is Calem and on the right is a picture of their cellar. Notice the white measuring cylinder on that big barrel on the right? That indicates how much wine is left in the barrel making the wine maker/taster job easier.

Calem is an old Port wine maker established in 1849. We had an almost private tour with a very well informed tour guide. Of course at the end there was a sampling of a white port and a Four Year old Tawny. I think there is a pattern as any included samples on a tour (which costs money) is usually the cheaper wine and typically not as good. Whenever we pay for our own samples we get the better ones and the resulting impression is much better. Anyway, the white was a semidry one that was just sweet enough to be considering a port in my opinion. The Tawny was fruity and sweet at first but had an alcoholic finish. It was decent. I did like how it was named old friends and we had a lot of fun with that. Maybe my impression of their wines would be better if I tried the better stuff, but those two were the only ones we tried.
Our last stop is another one included on the boat tour package and a repeat from the day before - Quinta do Noval. Once again we wanted to try a Lagrima (Lacrima), and it was quite different from the previous one we had at Offley. This one was sweet, but not as good as Offley's. Notice the colour is not as dark and golden, but it had a fresher fruity flavour.

The last Port Wine we sampled was the Noval Black. A confusing name, but it amounts to being a Ruby aged for 2 years. It is meant to be served chilled without decanting and drunk immediately after bottling lasting around 3 weeks after opening. It is also used in mixed drinks. That would probably be the best for this as I thought it was really strongly alcoholic tasting and probably my least favourite ruby.

Because the port wine cellars are all fairly close together, it is so easy to tour them by foot. That and the beauty of the city makes sampling port wine an absolute joy. I learned so much about Port wine and have a much better appreciation for this fortified dessert wine. I highly recommend this underrated destination and come prepared to drink fabulous port wines.


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