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The White Box Breakfast

Posted: 10/30/14

The White Box Breakfast

Restaurant: Porto Portugal

Nelson: Breakfast was included at this neat modern designer hotel called The White Box.

Seems like every meal in Portugal no matter the time of day must have bread. These were nice and crusty, perfect for...

...honey! After loving this combination in Turkey I couldn't resist having more. Like Turkey they also provided several jam choices that were homemade and delicious. Have to say that honey was still my favourite.
Some cold cut and cheese to go with the bread as well.
Sometimes it is difficult to find fruit on vacation and I'm glad they had a bowl for the taking. I don't eat yogurt, but I think Kitty had some.
Our first day here the baked good were these tart-like cupcakes. Not quite nata as the filling was more substantial than custard, they were still tasty. Freshly baked too.
The next day's breakfast had this sponge cake. We say the employees making this in the middle of the day, so it was very fresh as well. In the mid-afternoon they still had some sitting out and Kitty couldn't resist having a bite.
Neat place to stay, although the showers lined with painted wood were a bit strange. Ours had a mushroom growing in one that was taken away the next day. Otherwise this place is in a good location for touring the vastly underrated city of Porto.


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