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bbGourmet for Porto Specialty - Francesinha

Posted: 10/29/14

bbGourmet for Porto Specialty - Francesinha

Restaurant: bbGourmet Portugal

Nelson: In #Porto the local specialty is #Francesinha which is a sandwich filled with meat and then covered with cheese and then a gravy-like sauce. It really reminded me of poutine back home but in sandwich form. Each restaurant in Porto has a secret sauce that varies with tomato content, beer and/or spiciness.
Each restuarant also varies in the types, quality and quantity of meat in the sandwich itself. This particular one was stuffed with pork meat. We had the Francesinha with black pork Lingwiza (12€) containing roast veal, roast pork, cheese, special sauce and fries. The sauce was not that tomatoey and had more beer I think here. I think Kitty really liked this because she loves sauce and she just soaked up all the sauce with the sandwich. If you like poutine, this is a great idea and delicious too!
Their menu advertises gourmet meals in 5 minutes that are vacuum packed, so I wanted to try one to see if it was any good. I tried the roast pork with hot pinapple and coriander sauce, chips (9€). The pork was really flavourful and moist while the pineapple salsa was a good complement. I just wish there were more of it. The fries were pretty good too, with a generous seasoning of salt (like most everything else in Portugal).
We shared a pitcher of sangria amoung the four of us. This restaurant, bbGourmet was very modern in styling and a cool place to have a meal. Most importantly for us, it was open late after flying into Porto pretty late at night!


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