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Pastel de Nata 1

Posted: 10/28/14

Pastel de Nata 1

Restaurant: Portugal

Nelson #Portugal: Pastel de Nata (aka custard tart or egg tart) originates from Portugal and can be found literally everywhere. It was so delicious that we started having one every day and then a couple everyday and then even more some days. I could write so many posts and just feature Nata, but I will try to collect them and mix them in with other snacks.
Historical, their origin comes from the fact that egg whites were used in industrial processes (starching clothes) so the leftover egg yolks were used to cook with. Luckily the monastries came up with the perfect application for egg yolks in these tarts. This particular one is from Buondi Caffe in Faro Portugal.
Nearby for another snack we also picked up some pastries from Gardy croissanteria. This particular one is a croissant misto (ham and cheese for 2€). The croissant isn't flaky and buttery like the french kind as it is denser and less buttery. It had a roll of ham inside stufed with cheese. It was alright.
This the very first Pastel de Nata we came across in Portugal. We were walking the streets of Lagos and came across a shop selling them. I had to stop and try one since I knew they Portugal was famous for them. I didn't realize what I started in the sweet tooths of Kitty and Leo. They became obsessed and seeked them out wherever we went after this. When in Portugal....right?
Lastly, on a hot day exploring Tavira, we stopped for some gelato to get some relief from the heat (1.95€). We wanted to try unique flavours, so Kitty picked dry fig and I picked creme algarvio. I think that is a chocolate/hazelnut combination, but I'm not sure. We picked two wildly different flavour that didn't go well together. The fig gelato had a ton of real fig mixed in that gave it a tartness to the flavour. The creme algarvio had a rich nutty flavour to it that I loved, but these would have been better separate.

I will keep posting about Nata as there is a lot more to say about them!


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  • This was the post I've been waiting for!!! Mmmmmmmmm Portuguese tarts!
    dre @ 2014-10-28
  • YUM!!!!
    Mike @ 2014-10-28

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