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Breakfast in a Palace

Posted: 10/27/14

Breakfast in a Palace

Restaurant: Portugal

Nelson in #Portugal: A Pousada is a historical building turned into a luxury hotel. This is uniquely Portuguese and in my opinion a good use of historical buildings. We stayed at an 18th century palace in Estoi (Palácio de Estoi) and lived like a King for a day. To befit a King, the breakfast was incredible. Let's explore!

The breakfast is buffet style, yet there is still champagne! How awesome is that?

An conveniently, there is freshly squeezed orange juice right next to the champagne. AYCE Mimosas! Well you can't really drink too many so early in the day, but I managed two flutes. I just enjoyed the novelty of it. There were also (fresh?) mango and pear juice as well.
Breakfast cereal selection.
Yogurt selection as well as three different types of milk (only two pictured), which I think had different fat content. You can also see in the background a dome that has squares of marmalade inside. Is that a thing, squares of marmalade?
A large selection of jams. Sweet!
I don't know why, but this sweet peach came in their own single serving container. In hindsight I should have tried this.
Crackers to go with...
...meat and cheese. Great selection with such items as turkey, different sausage types, ham, proscuitto, goat cheese, queijo curado (cured cheese), queijo Flamengo (flamengo cheese) etc
A wide selection of bread rolls. So much variety!
Bacon, but not quite like American bacon. It's not back bacon either, but something a little different but still delicious. Never seen this before, put they put bread underneath to soak up the oil,
Small sausage, mushrooms and beans. I did not like the sausage at all. Completely different from what we get here, it has a tougher texture and closer to a cold cut than a sausage.
Hard boiled eggs and scrambled eggs that were delicious.
Pastries! The more I toured Portugal, the more I came to appreciate their pastries. This breakfast had so many choices and I just had to try them all even if it meant overeating. Surprisingly, my favourite was the chocolate cake. Even though it wasn't a rich chocolate, I still loved it.
Fruit selection. The best part of this selection was that all the fruit was perfectly ripe. That's one way to tell the difference between a bad buffet and a good buffet.
Here is one of my meaty plates. This is almost like an greasy spoon breakfast, but with a slight twist on almost everything to make it Portuguese.
I really really liked the cured cheese (top left). Among the meats, my favourites were the salami and turkey. The only thing I didn't really like was the goat cheese, but I should have known. As you saw from above there were many different pastries to try. The one on the right is spongecake like, but instead of airy it was really dense. Surprising.
My favouite fruit is watermelon, but on this day, the best one was the musk melon. All the fruit was perfectly ripe though.
Once again, trying to try all the pastries. And I also snuck in some favourites from the previous dish. Even the cookies were delicious.
I didn't notice this earlier but they had olive oil and balsamic vinegar, salt and parsley flakes.

Staying at this palace was one of the most luxurious experiences I have ever had. The hotel part is super modern with a new wing built to accommodate the sleeping quarters of the guest. The palace grounds were wonderful with statues, ruins and fountains making it feel like I was at a museum instead of a hotel. Even the palace insides had painted ceilings and 18th century furniture. Yet it felt completely modern and clean at the same time. Wow, what an experience.


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