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O Gimbras

Posted: 10/24/14

O Gimbras

Restaurant: O_Gimbras Portugal

Nelson: Kitty picked this restaurant because it was highly rated on Trip Advisor. We arrived around 6:30 only to find that the restaurant was closed! We had forgotten about siesta in this country. We took a quick nap outside waiting until around 7:30 for the restaurant to open. We almost left, but some nice people helped us understand that it would open later.

This is a picture of the main course called Arroz de Marisco (for 2 people, 36.00€). Looks good, right? I'll describe it in more detail below.

As we soon learned every meal in Portugal starts with bread. Rather optional bread. If you choose not to eat it, then you won't be charged for it. We didn't know this at the time and happily ate it as we were so hungry.
Same with these other appetizers. We didn't know what the spread was, but upon tasting it, it had a very fishy taste. It was a fish pate. We ate an olive or two just to taste.
We were still really hungry and fortunately the waiter brought these sardines as our meal was cooking. They were awesome! They were drenched in oil and as a result, tasted great (head and all). Some of the best sardines we had on the whole trip.
To help you eat the seafood dish, they provide some tools of the trade. :)
We decided to get a bottle of wine between the two of us as well (12.50€). We polished off the bottle with ease as it was a good fresh tasting wine. This is a picture of their menu or should I say mascot?
Finally, the dish we ordered is a traditional Portuguese cuisine a rice stew cooked with seafood. It's not a paella, as there is a lot more liquid and fewer spices. The variety of seafood is wonderful though with 1 and a half crabs, clams, shrimp, cockles cooked with onions, tomato, coriander and rice. It is served really hot and I found that the seafood was a tad overcooked. The crab was fairly large, but the meat stuck to the shell making it difficult to eat. It was tasty though. The other seafood was easier to eat and delicious. By the end of the meal, all the liquid gets absorbed into the rice creating a flavour packed concentration of goodness. Quite enjoyable overall and it felt like we had finished a battle by the end, but it was well worth the effort.


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