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Portugal Beers - Sagres vs Super Bock

Posted: 10/23/14

Portugal Beers - Sagres vs Super Bock

Restaurant: Portugal

Nelson on @SuperBock vs @CervejaSagres: There are two national brands of beer in Portugal, Sagres and Super Bock. Portugal is more renown for its wine and is not known for its beer but since beer was so cheap I drank beer quite frequently. Our first destinations in Portugal was in the south near Sagres, which is the most south western point in Europe. Naturally I tried that beer first. After some walking around Faro, we decide to take a break and have a beer by the seaside. After some confusion ordering from the menu we ended up having the draft Sagres and from the bottle. There was a world of difference between the two. I much preferred the draft version as it tasted fresh and clean, while the bottled version tasted skunky. Same name, but completely different taste.

The other national brand is Super Bock. There's a neat story that goes with our first tasting of this beer, but I'll save it for later.

How do the two compare? Pretty similar as they are both lagers. Both are pretty light and fairly refreshing. It is a bit similar to what we have in Canada with Blue and Canadian, but I found the Portuguese beers both drinkable while I find Blue completely undrinkable.

As they say in Portugal, Saude!


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