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Start of Portugal and It Is Hot So Ice Cream

Posted: 10/22/14

Start of Portugal and It Is Hot So Ice Cream

Restaurant: McDonalds Portugal

Nelson @mcdonaldspt: The very first thing we noticed when we landed in Faro, South Portugal was how hot it was. We went from cold gloomy weather in Ireland to a tropical destination. We needed something cold quick and we just happened to be next to a McDonald's. They had some unique ice cream desserts like this ice cream sundae that comes in a wafer (1.80€). Kitty picked her favourite, morango (strawberry) topping. This was like a typical sundae from Canada, but eating the wafer was messy. It gets soggy at the bottom and then when you break it apart, the liquid starts flowing out. I like the idea, but in practice, it is not so good. Or I just don't know how to eat this properly.

I opted for the limao (lemon) McFlurry Cornetto. I think Cornetto is a brand of ice cream so it's not just the regular soft serve. This had an extreme taste of the fake lemon flavour. It's so fake that you have to enjoy it as fake lemon flavour and not think of it as lemon flavoured. These ice creams were refreshingly cool and helped us deal with the heat. Portugal!


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