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Beet Muffins

Posted: 12/07/14

Beet Muffins

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dre: I was trying to figure out what to do with these beets I had at home and decided to make muffins! My friend told me that they can be easily substituted for bananas in a banana muffin recipe, but if you look online, there are many recipes for beet muffins.

I found a recipe for chocolate chip beet muffins. The batter turned out to be a very red colour, but darkened when it finished baking.

The flavour was really good, as the beets were very subtle and the chocolate took over. This is a healthy way of making your own red velvet cupcakes.


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  • Looks browner than I would expect at the end
    Nelson @ 2014-12-07
  • The end result was definitely browner and you couldn't tell by eye that there were beets. It's also very brown from the cocoa powder. I assume that if I didn't mix in cocoa, and just made a white cake, the end result would be red... Or pink??
    Dre @ 2014-12-09

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