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Deep Sea Fish and Chips

Posted: 10/21/14

Deep Sea Fish and Chips

Restaurant: Deep_Sea_Fish_and_Chips Georgetown

dre @ Guelph St: After a hike just north of Georgetown, we went looking for some deep fried food. We came across this fish and chips place on our way home, and decided to stop in.

It was late in the afternoon, so the place was empty. We were still in time for their lunch special. Mike got the halibut and fresh cut fries, which was $9.99.

I got haddock and spicy fries. I'm sure they were from a frozen bag, but it was still good. This was $5.99. The lunch specials also came with a drink, which was nice.

We found that although the fish pieces were large, they were really greasy. I enjoy a bit of grease once in a while. :)


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  • I think everyone's mother or grandmother has those exact patterned plates still lying around!
    ... Food looks really yummy though!
    Alexis @ 2014-10-21

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