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Casa Deluz Banquet Hall

Posted: 10/17/14

Casa Deluz Banquet Hall

Restaurant: Casa_Deluz_Banquet_Hall Toronto

dre @ Finch & McCowan: The third time is the charm, right? This restaurant located at Woodside Square Mall used to be Ruby Restaurant when I was growing up. Then it became Regal Chinese Cuisine. Now is it called Casa Deluz Banquet Hall. Perhaps the less "Chinese" the restaurant name, the more successful it will be?

We came here to celebrate my grandma's 90th birthday and grandparents' 71st anniversary! It was hard to take pictures because the servers would serve each individual plate as soon as the dish was set on the table. I decided not to beat them and just take pictures of my plate.

We started off with a BBQ pork platter with jellyfish. Pretty standard.

This shrimp, snow pea, and mushroom dish was really yummy.

There's usually a crab claw with these ten-course meals.

Shark fin soup. My cousins were convinced that this was fake as we didn't find any shark fin in the soup. I think they were just really tiny.

Pea shoots with mushroom and dried scallops. I prefer this dish over abalone.

The crispy chicken dish. Is it just me or restaurants don't serve shrimp chips with chicken anymore? This dish had some coated walnuts covering the chicken. Those were delicious!

There was also fish and lobster, but I didn't get pictures of those dishes. I must have forgotten or one of the kids needed me.

My favourite part of the meal are the noodles and rice. I always get the noodles first. The rice was a little tasteless in my opinion.

For dessert, there were some red bean jellies drizzled with strawberry sauce. The pastries were also filled with red bean. I liked the jellies more.

There was also red bean soup, which I didn't get a picture. It was pretty tasteless, but Kristen seemed to enjoy it a lot.

And as per Chinese tradition, butt buns were served for a birthday!

Overall, the food was decent, and it was a fun night hanging out with my family.


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