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Irish McDonald's Breakfast

Posted: 10/11/14

Irish McDonald's Breakfast

Restaurant: Dublin McDonalds

Nelson: I like going to different countries and seeing what different items they have at the local McDonald's. We went for breakfast on this day and Kitty bought a few items. Throughout Ireland they were advertising toasties for breakfast, so we tried one. It is a flat piece of pita like bread with some cheese and ham. It was really thin and not that good. Maybe it is supposed to be crisper? I don't know what the appeal is.
This is a typical sausage & egg McMuffin. Despite the orangy yolk this pretty much tasted exactly the same.
This last one tastes better than it looks and was my favourite. It's new and called Breakfast Roll served with sausage (two halves of a patty), Irish bacon and Irish egg in a crispy roll served with brown sauce (or ketchup). The brown sauce was kinda like a sweet bbq sauce. Overall this was really good and filling. Maybe it'll come to Canada?

So in conclusion, I didn't see anything really unique at McDonald's in Ireland.


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