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Parnell's Heritage Pub

Posted: 10/10/14

Parnell's Heritage Pub

Restaurant: Dublin Parnells_Heritage_Pub

Nelson @TheParnellBar: Although the construction out front obscured the facing of this pub, we were still drawn in. This multilevel pub has history behind it, an authentic Irish food menu and of course Guinness on tap.

We weren't that hungry, so we just shared a Beef & Guinness casserole (€11.95) with slow roast tender beef pieces with mushrooms, onion & Guinness gravy served on a bed of mash potatoes. Turns out there is only potato on top, but I'm not complaining as it makes for a more interesting photo. As advertised, the meat was tender and gravy was nice and rich. With the colder weather a dish like this would be perfect. And of course the Guinness was glorious.

I threw in a bonus picture here of a Tim Horton's we came across in Dublin. Nothing like what we get in Canada, I fear the Irish might not appreciate why we Canadians love Timmy's so much.


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