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Jameson Bow Street Distillery

Posted: 10/06/14

Jameson Bow Street Distillery

Restaurant: Jameson

Nelson @jamesonwhiskey: Dublin's other famous drink is Irish Whiskey of which Jameson is the most popular. We literally ran from the Guinness tour (bumping into fellow Canadians along the way) to make the last tour at Jameson Bow Street Distillery (aka Old Jameson distillery).

The tour goes into the specifics of making whiskey which involves taking barley, maize and water and milling, then mashing and then fermenting the processed mixture.

The most important and distinctive step of Jameson Whiskey is the distillation, which is done three times and called triple distillation. These are still pots used in this process. Each time the whiskey is distilled, the alcohol concentration is increased. Doing it three times results in a liquid that is approximately 80% alcohol by volume! That is not drinkable in this state.
So the next step is maturation where the whiskey is mixed with water and then sits in casks. They use used sherry, bourbon and port casks to impart different elements of flavour to the whiskey. A neat fact is that after they are done with the cask for whiskey, they are sent off to be used for aging rum. Can't waste a cask! Another surprising fact is that they dilute it once again with water to get the alcohol concentration to 40%. I imagine they are very careful with the quality of water used in this step as you wouldn't want to waste the alcohol by mixing it with suspect water.
On the tour we (ie Kitty) were specially selected for a special tasting. On the left is double distilled scotch (Johnnie Walker Black I think), middle is the triple distilled Jameson and the right is Jack Daniel's, which is single distilled. When I tasted them I thought the scotch had the smokiest taste had the most flavour and character. The Jameson was definitely the most smooth of the three. The Jack Daniel's was by far the least smooth of the three, but it was also the sweetest. Honestly, I liked the Scotch the best, but the Jameson was definitely the smoothest.
Here is some Jameson with ginger ale on the left and Jameson neat on the right. Fun tour and even though I am not a Whiskey connoisseur (needed to take the Jameson Reserve Tour for that), I enjoyed the Jameson tour and tasting!


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