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Kilkenny Cafe

Posted: 10/04/14

Kilkenny Cafe

Restaurant: Dublin Kilkenny_Cafe

Nelson @KilkennyShop: Thanks to @GoToIrelandCA, guide books and hotel staff recommendations we tried out this department store cafe for breakfast. It's on the 2nd level overlooking Trinity College with an bright and pleasant space. The food is served up cafeteria style and you get a lot of choices. I had The Weavers (€7.00) - six item choice plus toast and coffee/tea. Kitty had The Potters, which is the same except only 4 choices for €5.00. I picked: Thick cut bacon maple syrup glaze, oven roasted Kilkenny Artisan sausage, cherry tomatoes on the vine, scrambled egg with creme fraiche and chives, home made potato cakes, Irish black and white pudding, portobello mushroom and Kilkenny relish.

In the middle of the city, this is an awesome deal. The fact that they make any coffee/tea drink on the spot makes it even better.

The most unique items were the potato cakes. Kitty didn't like it, but I thought it was pretty good. It had a slight buttery taste, but otherwise fairly plain. The best item was the bacon because you get a meaty section, like a back bacon as well as a streaky part, like American bacon. This was my favourite bacon on the trip despite how salty it was....or maybe that was why. The scrambled eggs were nicely runny and tasted great.

The pudding was ok as this one had more oatmeal than others we have had. The black one with blood definitely tasted stronger than the past ones we've had too. The sausage was ok, better than yesterday's but not as good as the first day's.

The toast was not just some plain bread. I tried some marmalade with it and found it too sour so instead I had some really tasty jam with my toast. The Kilkenny relish was pretty much salsa and I thought it was unnecessary.

Besides the bacon, my favourite part were the mushrooms and tomatoes. Both cooked nicely (ie with oil), and something I could get used to for every breakfast.

In conclusion, a good, filling, quick meal that is inexpensive. You get everything you could want from a meal, so I understand why everyone recommends Kilkenny Cafe.


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