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Songs Cook

Posted: 10/13/14

Songs Cook

Restaurant: Mississauga Songs_Cook

dre @ Dundas & Dixie: I asked Nelson and another friend who live in Mississauga where to go for Korean food, and they both answered Songs Cook, so I had to go!

Inside was a lot bigger than I thought and at 1pm, there were still a lot of people.

The appetizers we got were kimchi, pickled yellow radishes, nokdumuk, a clear tasteless jelly with spicy sauce, and glass noodles. The glass noodles were the best and we asked for more.

I got the Dolsot Bibambap, which comes with miso soup.

The Bibambap was vegetarian and I was disappointed that it didn't have any meat in it. I thought it was mediocre, maybe I should have put more hot sauce in it.

My cousin got JaJungMyun, noodles with a black bean sauce. I thought the sauce would be more salty and similar to a Chinese dish with black bean sauce, but this one was deliciously sweet. I think they used oyster sauce or hoisin sauce with the black bean. Whatever it was, it made the noodle dish delicious!

Also with his combo came LA kalbi. These were really good as well. I always enjoy beef ribs with my meal!

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