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O'Neill's - Prototypical Irish Pub

Posted: 10/03/14

O'Neill's - Prototypical Irish Pub

Restaurant: Dublin O_Neill_s

Nelson: Our walking tour guide recommended this Irish pub O'Neill's right in the middle of the city. Think of your stereotypical Irish pub and then realize that all Irish pubs were probably based on this one, or a similar nearby pub. The interior is a multi-level maze with plenty of nooks and crannies and all seemingly filled with bars ready with gleaming taps. Wood interior with dark carpets and wood furniture and walls adorned with all manners of posters. Definitely dark lighting, but with a cheery mood inside. In summary, a true Irish Pub.

And what does an Irish pub serve? Why Guinness of course! We were looking forward to drinking these and boy were these tasty. Stay tuned and you'll find out why.

O'Neill's is a carvery, which means cooked meat is freshly sliced for customers. O'Neill's is a bit like cafeteria style as you'll see in the pictures below. Kitty ordered a tenderly cooked Irish farm collar of bacon with cabbage and parsley sauce (€11.50). You can hardly see the bacon underneath all the cabbage, carrots and potatoes, but it is a large hunk of meat. It tasted like a smoked ham and the gravy was welcome. What was even better was the parsley sauce (not pictured). At first they poured out a whole gravy boat full of sauce and we weren't sure whether to take the whole thing or pour a little. We poured a little to start, but turns out you are supposed to take the whole thing. Kitty went down and got a full boat later. It was a cream based sauce that was quite rich and flavourful. It went well with the other heavy foods in the meal.
I ordered an Irish beef and Guinness stew. Kitty didn't know, but you can order all the vegetables on the table, which is what I did. You can't even see the beef stew! I parted a little bit so that you can see it. The other vegetables include broccoli, mash potatoes, roasted parsnips, wilted cabbage, green beans (gross) and 3 types of potato (we got two I think). I thought the wilted cabbage tasted like collard greens and wasn't a big fan. The broccoli is overcooked a tad and the roasted parsnips had a herb flavour to them. Everything was soft but there were such heaping mounds of everything. The beef stew sauce was so rich and had a depth of flavour that made it delicious. The meat was ok, but I really enjoyed the potatoes in the stew as they absorbed the most flavour. Enjoyable and there was no way I could finish this amount of food.
Here is a shot of the whiskey bar. Looks like a typical Irish pub, right?
Lastly here is an overhead picture taken from the beer garden of the carvery station manned by some brusk Eastern Europeans. All the food is in heat trays except for the carved meats. Quite the experience and probably the quintessential Irish Pub experience. We were too early for live music and that would have made the night perfect if we weren't already so tired..


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