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KC Peaches

Posted: 10/02/14

KC Peaches

Restaurant: Dublin KC_Peaches

Nelson @kcpeaches: Hurrying to a free walking tour, we stopped for a quick breakfast at this whole food specialist. The store insides looked inviting with displays of fresh food in the window. The meal got off to a wonderful start with a huge cup of tea. HUGE! Plus a bite of meringue...was I suppose to put this into the tea?
I went for the full Irish breakfast (of course). It includes two fried eggs, black and white pudding, 2 Doyles bacon, 2 sausages, pan-fried portobello mushrooms and herb fried tomato. Served with a slice of KC Peaches house-made soda bread. (€9.95). It is a lot of food. The eggs here are more orange than the typical yellow ones we have in North America. Just as if not more delicious. The streaky bacon was a tad dry and not as enjoyable as I was hoping and the sausage were a bit lacking in flavour. Once again, I ate the traditional pudding, and it was ok. I enjoyed the mushrooms, but wanted more. The tomatoes were properly roasted and I loved them here.
Kitty had the weekday mini Irish (€5.95) where everything is halved. Now is a good time to mention the soda bread which uses sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) instead of yeast to make the bread rise. It tasted more like a thick, heavy cake that was really filling, especially for breakfast. This is a traditional Irish food and I'm glad I got the chance to try some.


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