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Bewley's for a Full Irish Breakfast

Posted: 09/29/14

Bewley's for a Full Irish Breakfast

Restaurant: Bewleys Dublin

Nelson @BewleysIreland: Having just stepped off the plane at 8AM and needing some breakfast we got some advice to go to a Dublin institution since 1840, Bewley's for a classic Irish breakfast. Bewley's has been around since 1840, so they must be doing something including a small almond cookie bursting with flavour with your tea. Nice touch.

Also that tea was delicious. Don't know if it was related to just getting off the plane to some cold weather, but the tea really hit the spot.

What's in a full Irish breakfast? The menu tells me it includes potato farl, grilled bacon, sausage, tomato, pudding, mushroom, poached egg, famous home made relish and toast, served with freshly squeezed orange juice and tea (9.95 euro). Sounds pretty typical, but there are some subtle differences. First, the potato farl that kinda looks like a cracker had more of a wheat based flavour/texture than a potato taste/texture. It was ok, but I wouldn't go out of my way to have it.

Next anomoly are the vegetables. Cooked mushrooms and a cooked tomato are not necessarily typical for breakfast, but is common with Irish breakfasts.

The bacon is not the typical American "streaky" kind, but instead has the meat part AS WELL as the "streaky" bacon part. So in Canada that is back bacon and normal bacon all together at the same time! Best of both worlds. Plus it tasted great with a lot of meaty flavour. The sausage was pretty good too.

The included relish is in the ketchup looking container. I didn't realize it at the time as I just thought it was ketchup, but the relish is very similar to salsa. Almost identical in fact.

The most different part of breakfast is by far the pudding. Two are included, a white and black one where the black one has blood while the white does not. Don't be grossed out, because the biggest ingredient in these puddings is oatmeal followed by bread, pork and fat. I didn't find the black one has a strong blood flavour, or not as strong as I have had it in Asian cuisine. It does have a meaty flavour to it, but with the texture of oatmeal. Doesn't sound too appetizing, right? It was ok.

Overall a really big and filling breakfast that was delicious.

Kitty had a mixed berry scone served with butter and jam (2.40 euro). It was good, but not spectacular with a generous serving of berries being the best part of it. I really like the include jam and butter to eat the scones with.
The tart orange juices was nice to have, but I'm thinking oranges aren't in season at this time of the year.I leave you with a picture of the scone display which really drew us in and making us order one in the end. A great hearty way to start our day and our vacation!


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