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Start of Dublin & Portugal Trip

Posted: 09/27/14

Start of Dublin & Portugal Trip

Restaurant: Tim_Hortons WestJet

Nelson: This is the start of my trip to Dublin/Portugal. Where does it start? In St. John's Newfoundland. Or rather on the WestJet plane. The free snacks are these chocolate wafer cigars or salty sesame sticks. The sesame sticks are dry and kinda gross, while the chocolate wafers are ok. Thankfully this flight stopped in St. John so we could eat some real food, or so I thought.

Landing in St. John's late at night means almost everything is closed. Only Tim Horton's and a convenience store-like place was open. So we bought some premade refrigerated sandwiches including an egg salad on multigrain and grilled vegetable and goat cheese ciabatta. The vegetarian sandwich was way better as the the egg salad just had hard boiled egg with some sparse vegetables. I think what makes vegetarian sandwiches so tasty is the oil content which ensures that it is moist and has fat content.

Oh yeah, I can't neglect mentioning the Timbits. The perfect snack and portable, it would have been even better if I had remember to take the remainder off the plane when we landed. What a fail.


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