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Sobey's Meal Deal

Posted: 09/25/14

Sobey's Meal Deal

Restaurant: Sobeys

dre: Whenever I see a Meal Deal in the flyer, I get excited as it is a potential meal I don't have to cook. This time around, Sobey's was featuring ribs, a roast chicken, French baguette, Caesar salad, and cupcakes for $19.99. They marketed it as a $20 savings than buying everything separately.

Both the ribs and chicken are $10 each. The rib were tasty, but I thought they were small for $10. The chicken is typically $7-10 from other supermarkets. I turned the baguette ($2.99) (which was really fresh) into garlic bread. The Caesar salad kit ($6.99) was okay, if you like Caesar salad (which I don't). But generally, that company makes good packaged salads. The last item were the cupcakes, which retailed for $10. Those cupcakes were surprisingly good.

It was too hectic to take individual pictures... I wish I took a picture of the cupcakes...


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  • I had & enjoyed the same meal! Cupcakes were my daughter's favorite, but they're so fatty....
    Jerry @ 2014-09-25

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