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Cheap Costco Dinner

Posted: 09/23/14

Cheap Costco Dinner

Restaurant: Brampton Costco

dre @ Costco: One night, we went shopping at Costco. After sampling a few items, we decided to stay and eat dinner here.

Mike was really craving a poutine, so he got one all for himself. I had a couple of fries with gravy and enjoyed them. I would have enjoyed them more if there wasn't gravy and cheese curds. I like my fries crispy and not doused in gravy, making it soggy.

Kristen and I each had a hot dog. Well, I had the whole hot dog, Kristen shared half of hers with Mike. It was still quite impressive that she finished that much. Each hot dog was $1.50 and came with a refillable soft drink. What a good deal! This is better than Ikea as the hot dogs were much bigger as well.

I also wanted to eat a sundae, so I got the berry one. Something about the ice cream I didn't like. Maybe it was too creamy? Or not creamy enough? It had a weird texture - it was thick, and very tasteless. I would not get this again.

On another day, I decided to try the cone to see if it was better than the sundae. I liked it better, though the ice cream still had a weird texture. My cousin got the sundae this time and had the same comments as me above.


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