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Baby One Month Birthday Celebration

Posted: 09/21/14

Baby One Month Birthday Celebration

Restaurant: Diamond_Banquet_Hall

dre @ First Markham Place: For Lauren's one month party, we celebrated at Diamond. We also came here for Kristen's "Moon Yuet" as well, but back then, I was too overwhelmed with a newborn to take pictures of the food. Plus, I plain forgot. This time around, I remembered to take pictures of food AND eat! Last time there was much socializing that I missed a number of dishes.

To start off, there are some pink hard boiled eggs already on the table. The eggs symbolized birth or a new start. They are dyed red to symbolize prosperity. To me, it was a good snack while waiting for the main dishes to come out!

The first dish that came out was the suckling pig. The skin was very crispy and I always enjoy eating the fat. It's like eating KFC...what's the point of skipping over the fried skin which is the best part??

The second dish, shown behind, were the scallops and squid stir-fried with snap peas and celery.

The crab claw is always delicious!

Shark fin soup. I should make a better stand of not eating the soup, but I don't like wasted food...

This was probably my favourite dish - peashoots with king mushrooms. I love both of these things and this simple dish was really tasty!

Lobster and chicken dishes. They were both good, nothing too special about either though.

I missed the rice and noodle dishes as we were taking pictures with the baby, but there were some leftover rice and we got to take it home.

The dessert plate included mango jello and a swiss roll. The cake was good, as it tasted more like a pound cake to me, which is more dense than a regular swiss roll.

There was also Taro and Coconut Sago Dessert (Sai Mai Lo) with glutinous balls, which is one of the my favourite Chinese desserts. I didn't take a picture of it because I was too busy eating it :)

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